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Water Conservation

In the interest of protecting our natural resources, the Board encourages
all water users to conserve water, especially by limiting outside water use.

In summer one the best places to save water is in the yard by reducing lawn irrigation.
Lawns can survive dry periods. Here are some more tips on how to conserve water and
make you lawn more drought resistant.

Do not cut your lawn short. Short grass has shallow roots that are more susceptible to
drought, pests and weeds. Set your lawn mower to 3-3 1/2 inches.

Do not water too often. Frequent light watering discourages deep rooting.

Use drought resistant grass such as Bluestem, Tall Fescue or Canada Bluegrass.
Seed these grasses into lawns during spring or fall maintenance or as needed.

Use rain barrels or cisterns to provide water for irrigation.